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Why a website is important for your electrical business.

We believe any electrician could benefit from a website, no matter how far you are into your business. A website built around a brand will set you apart from your competitors, build better credibility with potential customers, provide another platform for marketing your services, and present your best work to your customers. Our websites are developed with a primary focus on design and customer journey. We believe in our customer journey system because it works! We ensure that calls to action are paramount and that the customer is guided through your site to achieve your desired result, which is, of course, getting a quote or a call.

Features needed

As an electrician, there are some key things you need to cover on your website: the services you provide, your location, and whether you work in commercial or domestic settings. As mentioned, you should always showcase your work on your site. Remember that the pictures you upload must be high quality and clear. We also ensure fast loading times for your images. Many sites we visited for market research were very slow, which can have a huge impact on leads and sales. In the growing age of short content, it’s crucial that sites load faster than ever, as people do not have the time and patience to wait. Luckily, we have you covered!

Save time with customer communication

We also believe you should gather as much information about your customer before they request a quote. That’s why we create contact forms that allow customers to specifically request jobs, saving you time in determining exactly what they need. A straightforward web form is always good and has the potential to save a lot of time.

What a good Electrician website looks like

We will now show you what a good website looks like for an electrician. This is a website we developed for our customer DNB, who is seeing a lot of customers come their way because of our structure and prerequisites for creating a website for an electrical business. If you feel like your business could thrive from our services, please contact us. We would be delighted to help you!