April, 2024


Welcome to our ongoing journey with DNB, where we are actively shaping and enhancing their online presence. This case study offers an inside look into our collaborative efforts and the progress we've made thus far.

We loved working with DNB

How we helped

  • Built a beautiful responsive site

    We developed a stunning and fully responsive website for DNB Electric, ensuring it looks and functions flawlessly across all devices.

  • Created a brand that DNB deserve

    Our team crafted a comprehensive brand identity for DNB Electric, including a sleek, modern logo and a dynamic color palette.

  • Performance driven website

    We implemented optimization techniques to ensure the website loads quickly and efficiently, enhancing user satisfaction.

  • Ready to market!

    With the new website and brand identity in place, DNB Electric is fully equipped and ready to market their services effectively.

Working on DNB's project was a thoroughly rewarding experience. They are as enthusiastic about their business as we are about our craft of web design and branding. The team at DNB desired a modern and simple website, and we're confident that we delivered on this request. We carefully designed the website to ensure a straightforward and intuitive customer journey, making it easy for visitors to navigate and discover DNB's services, thereby attracting more leads.

The website has been crafted to align with contemporary digital marketing strategies. With the right marketing team behind it, I believe the website will serve as a powerful tool for DNB's outreach and customer engagement. We are currently optimizing DNB's SEO to improve the website's visibility and reach. We look forward to sharing the results of these efforts in the future - keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates!

In addition to the website, we also had the opportunity to shape DNB's branding. They wanted their branding to reflect their company's ethos, location, and values. Given their modern approach to business, we designed a sleek logo to capture attention and differentiate DNB in the marketplace. We find it encouraging that trade businesses are now giving due consideration to their brands, and we were honoured to help DNB take this significant step.